Healing through Song’ as Thandiswa Mazwai Plays Her Part in celebration of Africa Month at Constitution Hill’’

By @yolandandala

Africa is best known as a continent of Drum and Dance, we heal through music and move in the rhythm of our heartbeats. Brand South Africa and the Department of Sports, Arts and culture hosted an initiative called Play Your Part Africa in association with The Constitution Hill, a live stream concert hosted by Skyroom LIVE in Celebration of the closing of Africa Month. The entire Globe has been swallowed by a killer pandemic that is COVID19, however being on lockdown has inspired different continents to stand together in unity to play a part into contributing to the wellbeing of the human race through selfless contributions. Artists such as the Great Baba Maal, Madela Kunene and Thandiswa Mazwai united through artistic activism to bring hope to the African Continent.

The Constitution Hill is a powerful reminder of the fight against oppression and injustice which is one of the social challenges faced by Women in Africa. It was iconic to witness a liberated women such as Thandiswa Mazwai celebrating the Success of the African Continent at the Constitution Hill Women prison, a historical landmark known to have imprisoned women who fought for the liberation of Women.

Thandiswa Mazwai embraced the stage like massive waves of the Ocean, waves of Ancient African Ancestral lineages…’’ Hello Africa, Hallo World. I greet you in the name of all the Ancient Africans, all the way from Kemet, Nubia, Axum  ,from the ancient kingdom of Mali, the ancient kingdom of the Great  Zimbabwe. I greet in the name of Nehanda, in the name of Winnie Mandela…. I greet you in the names of all the Women who suffer’’. With Thandiswa’s makeup done by Nthato Mashishi her face sparkles complimenting her sacred crown, a hairstyle beaded in seashells which easily made one believe that each seashell represents African Royal Clans who’s souls rested in the Atlantic Ocean all the way down to the bottom of Africa, Egypt, a land that gave birth to Kemet and host all African Bloodlines in a rainbow nation.


Thandiswa became an illuminating light within the Women prison yesterday night, witnessing a liberated women pride herself with songs Yindaba Ka Bani uma ngiLahla Umlenze ‘who’s business is it how I choose to express myself’ the song reflected the freedom of expression that was taken away from women as they bared insults of being called too loud, rebellious, unlady-like just to name a few.  She stood on that stage as an ascended King a state of being that most women who were imprisoned fought to achieve, Thandiswa harnessed the Women’s Prison stage like a mountain those women built for a future that is Thandiswa to see and reach even further.


The ‘’Play Your Part’’ livestream concert was a huge success, it definitely took us back to our roots as Africans. During such an emotional time of the Human Race, Thandiswa also reminded us how important it is to remember were we all came from, the motherland ‘’Take Me Back to My Mama’s Village’’ as she encourages all to keep safe, take care of one another and unite.


Live streaming might be the new norm of experiencing performances these days and further on. However Thandiswa King’d the entire over 1 hour show with an excellent ending of that show.

Concerts will never be the same again, digital festivals are quickly becoming a need its like the technology was secretly preparing for this age in our lives where we depend on it fully for inspiration, knowledge, shopping, and virtual experiences that also contribute with medical and spiritual needs across the board.

Constitution hill as space and environment that normally bursts with consist cutting edge events and a place of cohesion and interaction in various forms and different mediums of expression has now also had to succumbed closer as-well for Covid19. This was the the first event of its kind in the premises and look forward to more events that will be cutting edge and ahead with time.

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