Article by Mofumahadi

Last night’s dialogue which looked at the Health Crisis we are currently facing as a country and globally was so technicall. To be walked through the process and have some light shed on what the vaccine rollout process looks like, the real issues of its hesitancy and efficiency, effectiveness, safety.

I appreciated how views that are for and against this particular topic were gently diluted into portions that allow for a change in a mindset and the hope and understanding, and equal access to the COVID19 vaccines
information and knowledge. Education is a key to the success of anything.

 I mean as Lesego had mentioned ” I am 23 years old and I still think that if I take the covid vaccine I will vomit blood, and to be honest, I have no reason to think otherwise because I hardly, if not at all, have access to or in-depth understanding of the virus itself let alone what a vaccine for it will comprise of or how it will help me “

” As a young person, I got to understand that as much as the now is in the hands of the older or much-experienced generations to lead, it is also the youth’s future to inherit. I felt a little dishearted to find that there was only a one-sided representation from the youth and I didn’t feel the experience of being spoken for, from both sides or points of view. Personally because while it may be the wisest thing to take a vaccine for the covid19 virus, there are some other researched factors of how the virus could have been or could still be combatted which were not given a chance for trial or even any consideration. “

We on the side of the Minister Blasde this time when he attared that perhaps more creative ways can be explored to also finding indigenous solutions aswell.

Minister of higher education Blade Nzimande said, ” We are investing in researching our traditional African herbs that are used as medicine so that they are not researched by rich people from North America and Europe who then register these herbs and sell them back [to us] at exorbitant prices,” and personally would have appreciated an in-depth discussion on more creative ways than one or two of how the spread of the virus can be tamed and further eliminate any possibility of a third wave.


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