I’ve got an imagination, talent, two hands and some tools I’m sure I can put some stuff together and sell them to a few people who happen to love them and boom I am a business owner. I honestly thought it was as simple a process as that, what a hard slap I had to take in from reality.

I mean isn’t being a creative a business on its own? Can’t I sing my lungs out, or design cute outfits and just make it? By make it, I mean a fully functional business.

What an insightful day it was, being a part of The Basha Uhuru Creative Uprising Webinar, the first of its kind, remains such an honor. Some of the topics that were touched on include:

 The 8 elements of your business this webinar focused on the elements of business using the business wheel methodology of the CDI

The second webinar was The Creative Collab session- Trade Marks and Copyrighting: A deep Dive. This session was a lesson of the power of trademarks and copyrights, how to acquire a trademark or copyright and how to protect your rights.

The third focus was Doing Business with a Destination Retail Outlet.

I have drawn personal inspiration and affirmation, from how empowering the three sessions were. To see young, or not so young, creatives in one space gaining insightful information which will fuel the Creative Up rise movement. We are in a totally advanced dimension! Floating inside a transcendence, a sea of knowledge and our history rewritten to ourstory an economy where what couldn’t be can and what shouldn’t does.

I am super hyped about this new venture we are taking, a venture where rules aren’t broken but rewritten to narrate the story that our souls have chosen as their purpose.

Dineo Mofokeng 23 yrs – Contributing writer

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