Creativity and efficiency meets brand interaction in this unique individuals
career trajectory. The road to the elegant concept of the GaurRider Gautrain
app was paved by the unseeing eye of a Johnny comes to Joburg. The taxi
industries nuanced and chaotic order was an inspiration. of A self-confessed
problems lover who thrives on finding innovative solutions, Litha is also the
ambitious owner of Glyfik4 Branding & Design based in Rivonia, Sandton. The
future of transport logistics in Africa is dependant on digitization and Litha is at
the forefront of this innovation and implementation.

His aspirations are to unlock a borderless Africa with a digital footprint that
transcends borders, creating a seamless transport node to encourage
economic growth and trade.
Litha the young innovator is a TedX alumni with an app that’x consistently
amongst the top paid and grossing categories at the South African i-Store.
Silicone Valley is his future.

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