The 2019 Afropunk fest looks to be an amazing experience once more. The line up announcement which took place last week 28th June 1979 was an intimate session, which like the private dinner the night before was invite only for a few young cutting edges.

This took place at the new AP pop-up venue in Braamfontein by the Untittled Basement block. Upon entering the venue i was welcomed by a huge 4 x 1m print i had shot at the festival a year before that has Sizakele Phohleli and Leigh Ndlovu as the subjects. This was the only image in the whole venue and i couldn’t have been more honoured to have that hanging in there besides all the other photographers that where present last year.

Besides the Load shedding ending the party and 1/12 into the party, we still could get the line up announced in a crowd of young and middle aged creatives and aspiring spirits including various artists that where invited.

Culture legends such as like @Fillipe, @Nomisupasta @sibufdb @ibokwe , @Doowop, @leeroyjason, as the Host for the evening, offcourse Joselyn Cooper and Matthew were present with their super cool new faces crew from South Africa to mention a few.

We look forward in telling more invigorating, and hard hitting Creative Mzabalazo body of works with AP for 2019 Tjovitjo !!!!


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