In a time when gender role stereotyping is being challenged on all fronts by
the aggressive emergence of neo nu skool feminism, men are being forced to
re-evaluate their roles and positions in an ever-polarising global society. (that
demands gender equality in all spheres). Introducing the modern
quintessential man, Marvin. George Matsheke has been applauded
internationally for his progressive philosophy on demystifying the stigma
around mens emotional lives. He has most recently been invited to The 2 nd
Annual Meeting of Minds held in New York, sponsored by Brand South Africa
where he shared a stage with other like minded individuals about social
enterpreneurship on the continent. From advertising creative to media
maverick and social entrepreneur, George Matseke’s Marvin platform has
provided an environment where new-aged brothers can revitalise Brand Man
into a conscience state of being that coexists on a happy median regarding
changing gender roles in society.
Marvin said it, “We Are Coming For Everything!”

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