AmaCreatives honoured Courvoisier invitation by attending Anatii’s 26th birthday interactive at Rockets. This was an event to celebrate the journey of the 26 year old Anatii’s career, highlighting all the work that he’s done so far especially the brand collaboration he has signed with Courvoisier, raising the youngsters brand worth to celling. !! 


We have witnessed the evolution Anatii, an outpouring of his being within the media industry, whether it’s him being an award-winning producer, rapper or a director, beat by beat and lyric for lyric he has been shredding a part of himself, exhibit his ideas to whoever desires to be captivated by it.

During the celebration, we got to have a chat with Anatii to speak about the different wells he draws inspiration from, and the gradual dosage he’s been feeding the audience that has been lured by his artistic enchantment.


“I feel like culture should be expressed on all sorts of levels no matter the platform, the genre, space. What we have as a people is our tradition, our morals, our values and I feel like that’s what should be exported,” – Anatii


“Apart from keeping the creative side in check, it’s just making sure that everything that you do has a purpose. A lot of people might want to get rich from the game, they might want to have a song for now but the biggest thing is applying God’s purpose in what your purpose is in life and making sure that you use that instrument just as a tool to really go further in life, it’s bigger than what we do as creative, everything is about the human experience, so that’s what it’s about…”
“The spiritual side just comes out naturally but we give it to people in doses, it’s really not about me forcing my beliefs on people, it’s just about what comes out naturally,” – Anatii


“With the Courvoisier moments, I give my personality, I give my feel, I give my frequency and that comes through within the social space, whether it’s within the media, the social space, it’s just to show people a different side of the brand, you know, a lot of the times people might misinterpreted the brand, but I think once it has the right partners and you get the right to co-sign…so I just think that I’m bringing it to the people,” – Anatii



“I just felt like I should put the music out, I’ve always been embracing it [rapping in Xhosa], I just feel like its a journey, that I get to give people doses cause you also don’t wanna just change completely, so I think you just change day by day…” – Anatii








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