Capetown born Skubalisto aka Skumbuzo Vabaza approach of style within graffiti has always been a unique experience of robust wild lines which end up creating the most delicate and yet hard surfaces and hard topics in current state of society. Mostly portraits, he dwells mainly on wall as medium and touches on other surfaces aswell.

” Catch summer cubicle series along some amazing artist! Swing by @everard_read_cape_town_ and catch some of my latest works. ”

“Shadows of my Freedom” by Lazi Mathebula

” For The past 2 and a half years, I felt I hit a glass ceiling, with what I was / am mostly known for. With that came a need for some kinda change. I knew there was a lot I could do as a creative but still felt like it wasn’t enough for me, since I felt I was being marginalized and that led to being put in a certain category that I felt I didn’t fit to cause I know I’m a bit more progressive than that. “


” The creative industry can be mediocre at times, especially when we base the metric of talent with influence through social media, popularity and being extroverted. A lot gets lost through this idea of popularity contest, cause we end up putting the lens on things that have nothing to do with the work. “


” So with this Journey I switch lanes, but keep the same car. What I’m about to present on the 18th Of January 2020 is What I call my “Illmatic” by @nas, my “college dropout” by Ye. My “Mad Villian” by @mfdoom. This is my Debut Album after have dropped so many singles and features. “


” So I invite you to the “shadows of my freedom”, come share this moment with me. @kalashnikovvgallery On the 18th Of January 2020. “

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