Chocolate Milk & Cookies production house have just served two sweet commercials which will make you want to see more of what this new banking brand has in store. We were exposed to the behind the scenes last year on the socials and could only salivate in anticipation of the great work to come out this power black team behind the campaign.

@Tymebank has entered the market as a completely digital bank, predominantly with a bigger black shareholder ownership and challenging your faves (top 5 banks) for their market share.

The Advertising industry will be always be a challenge to penetrate, especially as an independent service provider. We’ve seen that only recently are more and more Black directors given big platforms to shine, showcase their craftsmanship, an understanding of production, and skilful manoeuvre of short story telling. RAPS and Chocolate Milk & Cookies have been around for over 10years, knocking on different agency doors with little attention and mixed fortunes. Thankfully, this fresh campaign is an example of what can happen when a talented director seizes the opportunity to bring to life some cool scripts. Clean, crisp, beautifully shot with humour and heart. And best, short and sweet. Perfect for a digital bank!

Well done to RAPS’ techinical team and the Agencies involved in making this. We see you June 15, we see you Starsky … 

Here’s a look at some behind the scenes….

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