I learnt a new word on Tue 28th May 2019 and its call ” MISGENDERED ” This was experienced in the midst f topics and opinions that went around and across the wonderfully set table which featured some of Joburg’s finest young and midaged creative entrepreneurs, artists and anthropologists.

The venue was just as relevent as its owned by Joburgs finest creatives and industry’s frontliners @DjKenzhero and @bionic called ” Untittled Basement ” in Braamfontein, who also was part of the guests for the dinner.

The less than 20 guests were invited by @Afropunk as they are starting off their campaign towards the biggest festival in Jorburg during News Years. We Were all treated to an delicious menu and drinks while engaging and unpacking various issues and topics within the eco system of creatives, race, arts, sex and social politics all round.

Within the topics raised, was of a particular incident that took place at the festival last year where a certain artist was ” Misgendered” upon doing thier performance on stage.

Still don’t know what the meaning is, well in the Kasi language its similar to being called ” Sisbuti ” to the Gay community. According to wikipedia it means .. refer to (someone, especially a transgender person) using a word, especially a pronoun or form of address, that does not correctly reflect the gender with which they identify.

The sensitivity of this being misgendered is such a high and serious matter within the trans community and the millenia age. I acknowledged how clueless i was after further going to speak to someone else about the term and how drastic it gets to someone else trans and much younger than iam. And yes it seems like i was a little too naive ignorant to know such as much as i thought i was WOKE and how they were preaching to the converted.

I dont want to take away from the entire nights beautiful interaction with other individuals on the table and how awesome it was seeing and hearing thier very valuable opinions about the status quo of challenges we are going through within the independent entrepreneural space.

But misgender topic really stole the show and made the room tense and silent at some parts when this particular ” man ” was throwing all his feelings towards Matthew and Josiline the founders of Africa

This really got me thinking hard that night before i hat the sack of how what and how can i contribute in learning about the broader LGBQ society and how its getting more and more complex to even a non binary stage and how its here to stay forever. Its inspired me to explore the topic using film and photography and collaborating with other LGBTQ community and other creatives to engage and further tell the stories of the ” ODD ONES ” in our forever changing society.

Thank you for such a wonderful evening @AFROPUNK i learnt something new.

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