Murals in motion

Breeze Yoko is a Johannesburg-based multi-disciplinary artist specialising in video/film and graffiti. He has participated in the Berlinale Talent Campus, and in urban art projects in South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Senegal, Germany and France. His films have won awards at the Tricontinental Film Festival, South Africa; Special mention in the Sienna Film Festival, Italy; and Dak’Art, Senegal.
Breeze has created a gallery of quaint muses floating on walls intersected by passerbys in ghetto edens across the globe. His art is surreal and has an innocence that cant fight off genuine smiles. Not kidding, his characters are mostly gangly, long limbed going on somewhere on a bike, boat, in their eyes, a search of adventure, an answer of a quest to discover something. This something is a question we all have in the company of his muses: what is it they are saying to me? Here’s a challenge, find a Breeze mural and interogate the question and you’ll probably find another question in waiting. Walk away and you’ll feel compelled to find the answer.

Breeze Yoko Woodstock Cape Town
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