SANGOMA FESTIVAL AND @THOKOZAGOGO are embarking on reimagining and re-branding the soul and heart of ancient spiritual practises of African way of living. ” As spiritual creatives, we are giving a contemporary and re-igniting, as-well as interrogating the look and feel of what belongs to people, which they can relate to in modern days”

#THOKOZAN’ BOGOGO naBOMKHULU. The SANGOMA FESTIVAL here !!! ¬∑At a time where South Africa is slowly becoming known for not celebrating and fully embracing its own authentic diverse blend of rich culture and history, comes a unique creative idea to awaken the grand children of the soil who are caught between the modern age of chaotic digital formations of technology and lack of knowing their own roots.Where stigma and myths are highly conveyed to present negative notions about african traditions, culture, healing, ancestral ceremonies, rituals, spirituality, family tree heritage and African way of being is slowly trampled upon.The Sangoma Festival is brought about by creative solutionist thinkers proud of their background and culture, who saw it necessary to present South Africa and Africa as an effectively innovative power house through its massive diverse span of rich origins and culture.A two day music, food, drink, arts, crafts, heritage and culture festival rises positively as a unique concept to awaken, address, dismantle and demystify all the stigmas and myths that have become a norm to look down on African culture. The Sangoma Festival aspires to be more than just entertaining, it aims to educate Africans in Africa about themselves, to reflect and take pride in their heritage, and in doing so inviting the rest of the world to celebrate and embrace with us as we showcase our authentic ways of being natively African.The festival on its own is a powerful creative concept that looks forward to sustaining its objectives in preserving, celebrating and presenting African cultural origins on an annual basis. The festival will create jobs and open up sustainable opportunities for aspiring local and fellow African entrepreneurs, this will help to play a positive role in boosting the growth of a striving economy.The Sangoma Festival aspires to be a pure leading example that Africa can highly present itself to the world through its authentic nature and variety of cultures, the festival will host keynote speakers, cultural experts, historians, artists, crafts, fashion, musicians and a diverse range of entertainment including interesting topics to engage in, whilst enjoying the great blend of food, drinks and authentic cuisine that africa is known for.Just hearing about it from one of its core founders Romeo Malepe, the Sangoma Festival creates an anticipation and sense of an eye opening insight to the origins of which we truly are as Africans and the importance of our culture and spirituality in our realms of being. You can also feel that a concept of its stature and capacity will also play a big role in re-uniting and mending mutual relations of Africans in Africa and around the globe.This festival is the first of its kind, bringing you a unique authentic African celebration, it is a celebration indeed, a celebration that will put South Africa and Africa on the map of pedestal global celebrations through embracing its core cultural origins.

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