Loyiso Mkhize

Portrait of a human soul

Loyiso Mkhize, Afrique artiste, is a contemporary whose genius is traditional technique with an inquiring eye. He brings life to the subject to by delivering the finest strokes. His portraits evoke complexities that conjure a smorgaord of layered emotions perfectly captured in the eyes. There’s no indifference or impartiality to his work. It’s a dignified art and it lends itself to a novo renaissance for an Africa that has context, depth and radiantly reverberates a humane spirit. Loyiso is currently in Miami at the PRIZM art fair from December 5 – 17 where his work is being exhibited alongside international artists from the African Diaspora to exchange, engage and ignite ideas around global trends, identity and social constructs.

Go to http://www.prizmartfair.com/

Check out his groundbreaking comic, Kwezi.
The story the follows a young city kid who discovers he has super human abilities. set on a South African backdrop witness this epic, action packed journey of discovery as our young hero , through his newly found power, finds his purpose.


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