Back to the city 2018

A hip hop oddysey told

With a decade plus worth of Back To The City hip hop events under his belt, Osmic Menoe has cemented his place as an entertainment-preneur in the fast-paced world of live hip hop events. He has further cemented his brand of creative genius with his founding member role in the South African Hip Hop Awards (SAHHA). Both platforms have grown exponentially over the last six years which led to international acts such as Cappadonna (Wu Tang) and Skyzoo from Brooklyn’s underground performing at the annual B2TC. Both events have given the hip hop underground a grand platform to showcase the culture which has crossed over into a highly eclectic demographic for urban hip hop connoisseurs. Check out for more about B2TC and for more about the SAHHA. Osmic continues to push the boundaries of brand evolution and interaction through his hip hop platforms.

Bttc 68
Bttc 361
Bttc 360
Bttc 349
Bttc 342
Bttc 330
Bttc 322
Bttc 319
Bttc 279
Bttc 249
Bttc 248
Bttc 231
Bttc 214
Bttc 209
Bttc 197
Bttc 182
Bttc 170
Bttc 156
Bttc 150
Bttc 128
Bttc 124
Bttc 102
Bttc 98
Bttc 92
Bttc 86
Bttc 72
Bttc 68
Bttc 58
Bttc 49
Bttc 48
Bttc 38
Bttc 23
Bttc 21
Bttc 19
Bttc 16
Bttc 15
Bttc 14
Bttc 13
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