Ayana Jackson

Ayana Jackon speaks of Intimate Justice in the Stolen Moment

A womans place is in the revolution and US-born, South Africa-based artist Ayana V Jackson’s evolution is in her art. Her latest wok, Intimate Justice in the Stolen Moment seeks to view Black womanhood as delicate, as temporal and intimate, as weightless.

Fragility, tenderness and softness are conjured in Ayana V Jackson’s latest solo exhibition at Gallery MOMO Johannesburg, evoked through the self-realization of the weight of gravity, both metaphorically and physically, fixed upon the bodies and subjectivities of Black women.
As if to deny the very physics that control time and space, these works take pleasure in seeing this body being allowed to be weightless, allowed to lose herself in unspoken tales and rapture often denied to non-white peoples.

Intimate Justice in the Stolen Moment expounds upon Jackson’s continued exploration of Black womanhood through memory play and historical re-enactment.This presents a fresh departure from her past projects, inventing images of the black woman’s body, her own form, rather than reproducing them, presenting us with the stolen moments of Jackson’s own intimacy and history.

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