@donovangoliath smacks it right off the banana flavoured chappies gum. Remember that main main flavour, way before there was Watermelon ( Legapu ) flavour, the one that represented and is custodian of the main starring when it comes to Chappiesie. The one you used cut in half and share it and it was still a whole lot, actually compared to others chappies gum is still quite a huge bite.

So big there was enough room to make up for all the abundance of knowledge you could get and can still get on any chappies wrapper. Ever since there was chewing gum there was Chappies. It was part and the first gum we ever knew in the township culture.

This super smart play on the concept is a simple and yet beautifully made and executed proactively for @Google, homage to and old brand to a fairly younger brand.

This for us is such a big contender, for awards.

Nice one @donovan

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