The iconic ChuckTaylor have put their best foot forward in their latest “Keeping It Real” global campaign whose creative narrative features #ChuckStories. The South African leg of this refreshing promotion has some very relatable stories which will resonate with the local markets. 

The campaign is about feet, so the focus is on shoes. The message? Chuck Taylors are the realest, hardest shoes on any shoe rack; they never get to experience the soft, utopian side of life as they always find themselves navigating muddy situations, violent marches, hard soil soccer sessions, break-ups and make ups, fiery street riots and any other nasty environment life has to offer. And it’s beautiful, especially for a non-industrial shoe.

If shoes where political parties, we recon Chuck Taylors aka “Drie Fyf” would probably the inimitable EFF. Resilient, youthful, rebellious and forever energetic. Do you agree? If not, they’re probably not meant for you. By all means, please stick to your flip-flops. 😉

if shoes where political parties Chuck Taylor aka Drie Fyf would be EFF. As its such a resilient, forever young, and and consciously active.

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