The Election Circus Games kickoff



The Independent Electorate Commission (IEC) has kicked off the 2019 National Elections proceedings with an inspired TV campaign with admirable levels of creative excellence (previously featured and highlighted on this site).
As a result, expectations are high for subsequent party campaigns to meet the bar set by the “X-se” campaign, where creativity trumps big budget productions. A well thought-out, and cleverly executed campaign will entice the masses, and connect with them emotionally in order to solicit votes. The latest TVC from the ruling party, the ANC, that has gone viral is a case in point. You can still make successful, engaging testimonials in a smart way using in-expensive camera work, or even shooting from a mobile device. Was that the intention?
Perhaps there is a subtle catch in the ad that most of us have missed so far. As creatures of habit, have we become too forward whereby we now need to calm down a bit in order to appreciate the strategic intent to spark a conversation, without a big budget? What is un-disputable, is that the ad has created talkability. Social media has been abuzz over the video that features the young, beautiful model Rethabile Lethoko giving testimony to her experiences as a born-free in South Africa, and the opportunities that opened up thanks to the ruling party. She also touches on what hasn’t been achieved in the past years.

The unconventional shooting style had Twitter and Facebook divided in their reviews, with some users referring to the video as “beyond ridiculous”, saying it felt like they were watching a skin-care or beauty advert. Amusingly, one tweep remarked, “Is this a skincare ad?? Will I be pretty and thin if I vote ANC?” That’s Black Twitter for you. “The ad looks like it’s trying to sell us some perfume, but the cheap bad type of perfume“, tweeted another.
Yes there will be critics with any good and attention-grabbing commercial work. But first we should ask, is it good? With closer scrutiny on the video, bad sound recordings aside, one can actually see some reflections on the window of the crew members. Such a cardinal sin is a big no no on productions sets, as any pro will attest. One wonders if this came from the party’s head-quarters or their advertising and communication agency. The feeling is that the 107 year old political party probably deserves better.
After all the hardcore, emotionally charged responses, comes a happy ending. Enter the parody take on the ad, a light-hearted spoof that exploits the popular sentiment from viewers. Beyond the beautiful crafting and timeliness of the video, we love the fact that it also gives the original some mileage using humor. That’s creativity for you. Bravo to whoever did it! Sizozabalaza la! – AmaCreatives Staff Writer

Visit or thier Youtube channel to view the original Ad….

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