…and its not even all of them. To see the rise of a dynamic Black force of Directors particularly within the commercials directing space is most certainly exciting. It was not too long ago whereby agencies only picked Caucasian directors to film almost everything and give mediocre scripts to Black directors to execute which made them almost invisible and uncompetitive when it came to awards entries because of lack of really amazing stories to tell, or give them poor budgets which then made most directors with commercial interests fall back onto making the expected format of documentaries then thereof, making the quality of their work not so much attractive even when the content is really great.


Well there is a dynamic united front which is finally recognising the urgency to acknowledge each other with some brotherly love, because well it’s only really hand full and competing against each other theoretically is pointless at this stage especially if most are from same background of tertiary schooling and or just general social fellow friends outside the working space. From the super dynamic, Tebogo Malope, who’s work pans from music video such as Kwesta “Spirit”  to blue-chip brands such as “Telkom” and “Vodacom” on his portfolio and having had an experience with working from Bomb Films Commercials and now has just signed to “Start Films” you truly cannot touch his flair right now,  he’s is a flaming Lamborghini, no alcohol. A Cannes award-winning director with a particular interest in penetrating the market of unorthodox approach in making commercials and videos and truly breaking boundaries of controversial visuals which attracts clients that bring him super hot scripts on his lap.

Then you move to, Mpho Twala, who’s the experienced of the quattro. Coming from the previously ” Velocity Films ” within which they opened the ” Velocity Afrika Films ” of the business  background, and now part of the heads at “RUDEBOY KOLLECTIVE“, he brings a humble footprint of the African Continent experience, mainly traveling upper continent shooting in various countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, Botswana, Ghana, Mauritius, Tanzania, Mozambique and Uganda to mention but a few.  Mpho’s attention to detail and vast knowledge in the industry itself is quite overwhelming, having been mentored by award-winning business heads in the field, and himself being an multi award-winning director with a well-known established name that stands out in most advertising agencies. His brands portfolio is across car brands, telecommunications brands, pharmaceuticals, food, fashion brands and government institutions to mention a few, actually to date the might not have been a department locally in the active communications sector he hasn’t touched yet.

If the quattro was a band Lebogang Rasetheba would be the rockstar of the band. He exudes a far more left-field alternative contemporary street popular culture flair relevance in the field. He’s partnered up to launch his production company called “Arcade Content” producing some of the coolest and freshest film and video content out there today. The production company itself promotes a holistic approach in telling contemporary affairs which deal with issues amongst the minds of the social active and challenges and opens dialogues that deal with women in the production space and “patriarchy” commentary in the industry and South Africa as a whole. Making Lebogang a revolutionist of the four in his own right. His company includes a body of work such as Castle Lite; Superbalist; Standard BankVolkswagen; Sanlam and various music videos from South African music artists such as Nasty C and OkMalumKoolKa…just to mention a few, making Lebo a super cool kid on the block with a super double edged sword!!!

Thabang Moleya on the other hand would be is the cool smooth operator of the four with rough edges. With having being a subject himself in his own commercial he shot for “Ford Motors”, making it his major highlight in 2018, not forgetting his long format South African hit movie “Happiness is a Four Letter Word” which premiered in 2016. An award-winning director that brings multi-faceted different appeal in the commercial and films industry. With clients such as DSTV; Hollard; Coca Cola; Kfc; Vodacom and Lotto: Sanlam, and music videos like Blaq Boy nayi Le Walk: one can clearly see how this here wealth of experience in the field, making him and important part of the industry and also bringing with him a sense of independence as he hails from a Sotho named Black Owned production “Seriti Films” producing some of the finest breeds in the field.

This is only the tip of the icing regarding the vast dope experienced and new talent of Black Directors Mzansi has to offer, we couldn’t pass this image of four of them which inspired this here article. We hope that this further fuels the spirit amongst aspiring directors and other directors in field to keep the flames burning in 2019 as we look forward to all their amazing work and talent as Amacreatives.com will be closely watching and highlighting this Blaxellence of IZINJA ZE GAME!!!!!



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