Think City Of Gods kind of cinematography and creative direction without the gruesome and explicit violent scenes and gangsterism. But more of a Rick Famuyiwa 2015’s DOPE innocence with a twist of a nerdy sense of humour and story telling approach.

Diprente Films produces yet another film of witty sense of humour and drama trailer, after the successful 2017 Catching feelings , a film that explores what just got legalized in South Africa medical marijuana and the art of hustling and adventure in the streets of Attrageville. We yet to see the entire movie but promises to be a dope ass flick.

Kagiso Lediga is known to bring some of that dry humour sense in his films and television work and judging from the trailer it looks like its lit and packed with some special funny moments, this time also producing for Diprente Films with partner Tamsin Anderson and a power collaboration with Black Coffee taking the Exec Production lead one cannot help but be highly impressed by the participation of taking forward the idea of independence and investing in the arts especially putting it on a pedestal of reaching international audience by 2 thriving creatives and raising the rotation and productions of movies going in young Black South Africa!

This is what we call a Creative Mzabalazo

Salute !!


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