One quickly sobers up amongst all the excitement  and inspiration the land of the free has to offer, phela the dollar rand exchange is not your friend and we feeling the pinch. However that doesn’t take away the super fantastic experience we had on Day 1 in Afropunk’s Atlanta leg. This shit was on fire. Besides the dope ass line up of alternative music artists they have, the creative execution and concept of the spaces curated is just phenomenal. ” The Odd Ones ” really do show why ATL is filled with superb soul funk heritage that has a taste unique to the New York festival.

Within the festival, Afropunk has what it calls The Solutions Sessions, which outside of the music is a talk sessions with panelists line up and an audience within which topics are raised and discussed a day prior to the music extravangaza. This year off-course a strong focus on LGBT and #BLACKLIVESMATTER where on the table and how to continuously tackle these issues in the within the minorities of America and its youth.

Day 2 cometh and cannot wait to see what it has instore including a super line up of @PUSHAT @THEINTERNETS and the Nigerian born duo @Vanjessa.


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