Categorising Skubalisto’s artistic expression has always presented the
conundrum of blurred lines when describing his colourful collection of wall
murals which include paintings of the iconic Brenda Fassie and young
cricketing upstart, Themba Bavuma. Is it street art or graffiti? The
Zimbabwean born Eastern Cape raised artist collaborated with his
international contemporaries from across the globe during the second
Amaphiko Academy hosted by RedBull on a project called Lacing Up Langa.
Themes for the Cape Town based project includeded #FeesMustFall and
#RemeberMarikana where his portrait-style signature paintings are a part of
the international collection of socially innovative street art around the Cape
Town township. His collection can be viewed via
and The social commentary contained
in his art is the reason why most of his commissions are requests for political
stalwarts from South Africa’s Black Consciousness Movement and Pan
African legends such as Steve Biko and Robert Sobukwe.

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