Kwezi Flyboy would, and is probably be the superhero the continent has every seen. The remarkable amount of work that goes in the craft of this comic book is over whelming. Kwezi has definitely caught wave in the almost non excistant black culture of comic books created by black people for people. Loyiso Mkhize understands the journey of developing the story to a modern take of superheros and applying current affairs in it and then Bob or even Siphiwe might also be you uncle aswell. we might even soon see and entire movie, who knows.

In awe over Kwezi Super flyboy by Loyiso Mkize on how he just constantly advances his craft and taking the super hero and comics genres in Africa to the next level, follow his Instagram at @comiconafrica not forgetting the thrilling photography direction by Lee-Roy Jason truly salute the creative caliber on this collaboration and original craft…SALUTE ??✊???????✌?????



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